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Reserve area unembargoed

JWOC 2022 reserve area, Quinta das Lameiras South will be unembardoed from 1st of April onwards.

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10th to 16th
July 2022
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Aguiar da Beira

Aguiar da Beira is a small county in the center of Portugal. With an impressive forested area, lovely sights, historical monuments and tasty regional gastronomy, Aguiar da Beira met Orienteering for the first time in 2014. Since then, many have been to the races held in the area and many Orienteers have visited us, both for competition and training camps.

Venue, access and travel...


Located between 600 and 900 meters above sea level. Forest is mostly covered by pine trees (Pinus
pinaster). In some areas you can find some deciduous trees, as chestnut trees (Castanea sativa) and oak trees (Quercus).

Terrain, mapping and embargoed areas


The area has moderate to high climb and large areas of bare rock can be found. A lot of rocky details are present in most of the areas, both boulders and cliffs.
Some undergrowth and dense vegetation can be frequently found, especially on the deepest valleys.


The competition classes are W 20 and M 20. The letter “W” will stand for Women and letter “M” for Men.
All competitors must be born in 2002 or after and must be full passport holding citizens of the country they are representing.


The accommodation offer around Aguiar da Beira is limited. Organization will book most of the hotels and hostels to hold places for JWOC national teams.



Training maps and training camps will be organized by O-Portugal. You can expect to find more than 20 permanent courses marked in the terrain with orange tape with control codes.



Portugal is located in Southwest Europe, where Summer is usually hot and dry. July is the least rainy month of the year in Aguiar da Beira, with an average of 13 mm.
The average temperature in July is around +20ºC. The minimum average temperature is around +14ºC and the maximum average is around +26ºC.
It is common to find days where the maximum temperature can rise to around +33ºC.
Organization will reinforce refreshment controls on all forest stages.
During JWOC 202 week sun will rise around 6h15min and set around 21h.

Spectators Race - JWOC Tour

The organizing committee of JWOC 2022 wants to organize a memorable week not only to national team members but also to all spectators. To do so, we’ll organize JWOC TOUR, so visitors can both watch the best juniors in the World and compete on the very same areas as the juniors did before.
All about JWOC TOUR at tour.jwoc2022.pt


Main Organizing Club

Aguiar da Beira City Hall

JWOC2022 City-Host

Portuguese Orienteering Federation
International Orienteering Federation