Venue and access

Aguiar da Beira is a small county in the center of Portugal. With an impressive forested area, lovely sights, historical monuments and tasty regional gastronomy, Aguiar da Beira met Orienteering for the first time in 2014. Since then,  many have been to the races held in the area and many Orienteers have visited us, both for competition and training camps.


The easiest way to travel to Aguiar da Beira is by car. The closest airport is Porto, but Lisbon and Madrid can be a good option. There is no train service neither in Aguiar da Beira or
close. However there is a good bus service, provided by Rede Expresso, that can be used if you are not renting a car. There are two options to travel to Aguiar da Beira by public transport:

1. Travel by train from the airport (Porto or Lisbon) to Aveiro. There you can take the bus to Aguiar da Beira. 

2. Take the bus directly in Porto or Lisbon and do all the trip by bus.
You can find more information about public transports here:
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Driving distances from key places to Event Center:
Porto airport - 180Km
Lisbon airport - 330 Km
Madrid airport - 435 Km
Viseu (nearest big city) - 42 Km